Rhino Premium 1233 PSI Concrete Pump Hose

Premium Concrete Hose

RHINO FABRIC & WIRE HOSES are premium concrete pump hoses designed to excel in all pumping applications. The natural and synthetic compounds are highly abrasion resistant, and the reinforcement has been tested to far exceed the strongest requirements of the ASME B30.27 standards.
Custom lengths available upon request

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CPMA Certified Products

CPMA Certified

“It is important for us to have the certification because we believe quality and safety are the standard for anything we sell.”

Tony Inglese - President

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Rhino Premium 1233 PSI Reinforced Hoses

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 product
Rhino Premium 1233 PSI HosesRhino Premium 1233 PSI Hoses
Rhino Premium 1233 PSI Hoses
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