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Step 1.
Add a one pound bag into the mix for each yard of concrete to
be delayed for up to three hours. The following quantities are
based on a standard concrete hopper on the pump and 5 inch lines:

Booms 32 meters and below - one bag.
Booms larger than 32 meters - two bags.

For large lines (5 inches) use on bag for each 100 feet.
For small lines (less than 5 inches) use one bag for each 200 feet.

Step 2. 
• Agitate at high speed for five minutes.

Step 3. Mix
• If there is concrete in the pump system, please tip hose over hopper and re-circulate so that Slow Willie is completely mixed with all concrete in system and hopper.

Step 4. Adjustments:
If Slow Willie treated concrete will be used:
• Sooner than planned, add fresh concrete or concrete accelerators.
• Later than planned and has not returned to its original slump, simply add more Slow Willie.

Guidelines For Use

  • Promote a clean, effective work environment by following safe workplace regulations.
  • Follow appropriate Federal, State, and local regulatory agency guidelines if/when disposing of the prime.