Atabey B18R v3


This three section boom takes the place of mechanical deck placers in most instances. The mini placer extends the length of your boom pump, adds vertical reach and eliminates additional labor. In some applications, our mini placer can be a substitute for a traditional placing boom setup.

Atabey B18R Spyder Boom One Sheet

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Split Boom Weight – 1,750 kg / 3,858 lbs
Full Machine Weight (Base & Split Boom) – 3,990 kg / 8,796 lbs
Counter Weights - 1,380 kg / 3,043 lbs (each)
Total Weight – 6,569 kg / 14,482 lbs

ACPA Standard HBC Remote
Infinite Rotation
Dual Power – Electric and Gas
Heavy Duty Slewing Gear
Emergency Hand Pump
Split Frame Detachable Boom Unit
Multiple Adjustable Pick Points (x4)