Slick Willie (Call for Quantity Discounts)

  • Category: Slick Willie 2 Concrete Pump Primer
  • Brand: Primer


Slick Willie 2 is America's favorite powder concrete pump primer.


  • Industry leader combining speed and performance
  • With its non-alkaline formula, Slick Willie 2 sets up quickly and will not dry out concrete
  • Easy to use and works with any type of concrete pump
  • Slick Willie 2 can be pumped in the forms, although we always recommend priming out
  • The powder concrete pump primer coats the inside wall of your pipe and hose system, providing unmatched protection
  • Slick Willie 2 is chemically-neutral, environmentally safe
This patented primer available in 4 oz. packets. (Box (Slick2_Bx) or Pail(Slick2): 50 ea. 4 oz. bags) Drum = 750 Packs